What are The Roaring Forties

Who are The Roaring Forties

Who is The Roaring Forties

What is The Roaring Forties

The Roaring Forties is and are George Ewing Patterson. formed in 2002 the band has grown from strength to strength, personnel change along the way but the thought and power remains the same, hi energy swing with a little punk on the side.


IMG_2921The nearest I can get to an understanding of our world today and through History.

This is up but I will add and change it as I go along, I do not have the time to just sit and type away , I have a band to run and a family to help when they need it and a beautiful wife and hobbies like my custom bike and buying cars, doing them up and selling them, so I will keep at this piece of writing and see how it goes.


We are all very lucky as far as we know, to be here, our lives are various lengths, long or short, it is guaranteed to always be too short, from whenst we came, we go back to,  but rest assured we are all heading the same way and unless you decide to murder or mame or abuse other lives then most of what you do will pass away and in time fade into history, loved by family and friends for your character and fun ways and hard efforts in your life,  if you can do something great for the world then you can go knowing that you tried your best and will go down in History, that is our lot, and we cherish every second of it, whether we are blind, deaf, a genius or stupid, I tend to lean towards the slightly outspoken stupid category myself.

I need to mention that we are made from atoms, stardust, our atoms have been around…….forever??  I suppose so, was it all solid before it became lucid? even if it was it would have been solid atoms, so ostensibly speaking “we” have been around forever, how we got it together to become this that we are is fluke, or maybe created, who knows? I actually think we are the end result of another races desire to have a storage facility to store all their files on and that at night we are used by our owners who have just got in from work and are downloading stuff off of their own version of the internet, so I suppose we are someone else iCloud, why not, multiverses and dimensions all around us in an infinite space, it stands to reason that in that scenario that everything is possible, everything.    I find when I am writing this, in my head I am narrating in the voice of  Morgan Freeman, how weird is that?  I want you to read this with that voice in mind as it may all sound crap in any other voice,  David Attenborough? maybe , Jack Nicholson, yes, do not see a lot of old Jack nowadays, he has taken that step back and we all know where that is heading, life….it’s just too short.

This equation of life is a complicated one, the invention of money and the need for religion has maybe clouded the truth as to why we are here really or stopped an alternative road that we could have taken, a road where we live in perfect harmony with our planet and the stars above and maybe even found out why our brains are only slightly used, the aztecs and Egyptians and means did well with out religion, well they had gods but they were all about the sun and stars, not the new invented one that took all of the heathen gods and put them in to one big book to placate and help control the civilisation, and to get rich of course, the bible says you must have no money, so the church will hold all of that for you . The force that is the cosmos maybe ours for the taking, we might be in The film Tron for all we know (I like films and will use then to explain things), to go into money and religion is quite a big leap forwards I know from my initial garble about life the universe and everything but it is the foundation of life now and it came into being almost as soon as we gained a reasonable consciousness, and to me it points out the futileness of wasting your life trying to change it, it is evolving, even religion is evolving, ironically, but what it is evolving to is a society where the rich have all the power, all the films we see on tv and at the movies are really a blown up version of real life, the evil overlords and baddies are our governments and the people behind them controlling the world how they need it to be in order to make more money for themselves so they can have more power….they give us laws that help us but also tie us down, laws that have two sides, they make the situation to get us to want the law, at the moment 2016 they are putting fear into us to make us want their protection, terrorists are real and it has gone perfectly to plan for our own overlords.ew ill be screaming for tags on our children, tags that will alert us to untagged people that are near and not to be trusted and so on and so forth.


MONEY: jeez  have you noticed that when you save some money you find you do not want to part with it, you want to add to it, you want the “safety” it gives you, the back up, the future possibility, if i save 3000, then why not save 6,000 and then buy the 3000 thing and still have 3,000,  yes, you like that thought, we all do, some were put in a lucky position to have sold the family land for enough money to do what they wanted their whole lives, some just did that, others decided that they wanted more, they are the 1%, the thing is though, they come from a line of people who from the onslaught, from the invention of money have wanted more, so much so that it has become innate within there blood lines, now wanting money to that degree must carry with it greed, define greed, well the dictionary says: “an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food” . So intense that you will do any thing, absolutely anything to get more, trillions and trillions will not be enough, and it’s innate! what would you want with that amount, even after you have  bought and lived in a palace fit for a 100 kings, and have done all of your life, you have any car that you desire, the interest on your money would solve the worlds debt every day,  so what next,? Power, that’s what’s next, and what do you do with that power/ you make more money for you! how? by financially supporting a politician and getting them into power you can then manipulate the situations going on to your benefit, so your building company can get the projects, so your ammunition and military hardware factory can get a WAR.


Have you ever thought that life is like a game of monopoly? I cheat at Monopoly if I am the banker or if I am a player, do you, yes you do, the silence when you are praying the other player doesn’t see you have landed on their space or you put your playing piece on the square before or you take 300 for yourself when you pass go, well the pass go is the yearly premium from your investments that ceos try to increase every year so they keep their jobs, they increase the premiums by reducing salaries, taking medical health care off of the workers, do anything to reduce the administration of the company, and then sit and think “what else can we do to cut back”they have redundancies, they stream line, anything they can do they will try to in order to keep their 1 million a year salary and  keep these elites in their trillions of dollars, the big boys of course are the bankers, Rockerfalla for instance, they own the world, they own the media, the governments, ever where, they started the American war of independence, they were the only ones who could afford to , why was it started? to get rid of sterling thats why, now it helped abolish slavery too which is good, other things do happen in the people favour but its getting increasingly harder for those who are not born rich or have the savvy to get wealthy, incidentally when they tax the rich, they are  thinking of the society rich, not the elite rich, the elite rich get tax breaks for starting huge companies and employing people who will pay the tax and then the value added tax of course, another 21%, Some people pay 75% of their salary,   and the few multi trillionaires, they have the power to do what they want. spoiling it for the many is the root of the evil in this game of monopoly these higher echelons play and leave society to be paid for by US.

Democracy of course is rich mans democracy, if we had our way they would have to even out the wealth, we would take their houses and their money so you can rest assured that any decisions made in Governments will be in favour of the rich and will involve them not losing their money, what ever decision they make it will involve us, the people, paying for Society. will this change? who knows, it does in films.

Sugar is our heroin it is our desire, it is the reason for lethargy, it all slots nicely into the scheme of things, we are the drones, we are the workers and they are the overlords, it is as serious as that, its never been any different.
















I’m sure once I saw a flying saucer fly over my head one night but I am just not sure enough to say yes I did, they do exist,  I have flown in planes for 45 years and have always looked avidly out of the window for space craft or at least foo fighters that used to buzz aircraft during the second world war or even something that could be misconstrued as a UFO, many planes and airliners have reported ufos, Dan Ackroyd (blues brothers) saw a huge space craft out of a plane window (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/dan-aykroyd-unplugged-on-ufos/)  but in all my hunting I have never found one and if there is one thing I believe in its finding out for yourself if something is true or not. Now days I see that our governments are pushing to make contact with other planets, why? do they not know it would be a whole planet of aliens, also it will end up that we become the invaders, to me though, it points to our overlords looking for the next war to keep the human race under control, frightened and for the warmongers to get richer and richer, this is probably true, now , all that to one side, ufos may well exist, and probably do, from where they come from I do not know not like ghosts…Now ghosts! I know about ghosts.





if theres nothing more to life than this then there is nothing more to life than hurt, oppression, a bit of happiness, frustration stress and worry, have I paid my taxes.

_88146208_babyclothesWhen I was just two I had my tonsils out in hospital, I had to stay in overnight and was put on a ward with other children, I could not talk but I had a pretty good understanding of language, I remember I found words difficult to reproduce (something I have no problem with now, or for some time)  but I could understand on a high level every word every one was saying, when the nurses were there the other kids on my ward would say “come on Georgie, we will look after you,” but when the nurses left they would swear in the worst way at me, if I tried to talk they would tell me to fuck off. when I was older, I had them all shot (in my imagination.) kids are more conscious than we really know, I come from an era where children were thought not to even gain consciousness or have any idea of spacial awareness until we were 6 months old and that was in the 60s.

when I was five I overheard my father on the phone one evening, I was in the bath and he was in the dining room, he was looking after me, I didn’t spend a lot of alone with Dad time when I was young, “well who’s to know I am tickling your fancy” he was saying, even at that innocent age I knew and understood what he was talking about, I got out of the bath to listen some more, he said the same thing again to the other person on the other end of our new “trim” phone, I crept back into the bath but was very aware of the wet footprints I may have left in the hall way,I was a bit scared that he knew I had overheard him and although he did sense something and was being super dad nice to me it frightened me more, I wanted my friend stephen to come over, I got very insistent as I realised that he was being too nice and felt he was going to kill me, I am telling you this because I can remember childhood emotions so vividly, there is nothing you can do if your child is frightened of you for something you have done wrong, your child becomes deaf to your words and only lip serves you, there is a whole other world going on inside them, the nicer and more caring my father became, the more i wanted someone else in the house with me, I became hysterical and my father had to drive me to stephens house with me in the end. I have always wondered what would have happened if he had just told me the truth or even made a story up about the telephone conversation that he knew I had overheard.


The image above is very upsetting for me, the spellings are incorrect, how did this happen, where is the attention to detail, who passed that product, how many signed it off. I wonder if nowadays we gain consciousness at all


Photograph by Barra Vernon 2015.

Singer, writer, manager, producer, marketer for the Roaring Forties band, born 1960 biog: Electrical Mechanical Draughtsman and specification engineer from the construction industry, raised in London, Southend and Cambridge, Worked as Boiler engineer, Sheet metal Fabricator, Barman, Technical Director. married with two children, interests: stamp collecting, writing, guitar, swimming, tri athlons, sunglasses, home diy, attention to detail (still working on that one)

Well, here we are again, thanks for all the support you have given us in 2014.


George Patterson works hard for a meagre living, he lives the dream, he’s not rich, he gets by, he’s not famous, he feels he is too old for stardom from his own perspective and also when he thinks about how a record company would look at him, but he is well known in his city and he likes that, he’s nice, he’s funny, he’s thoughtful, he has energy, knowledge and likes himself although is always trying to improve, either under his own steam or with help from others, like his soul mates. his motto is never give in, never surrender, his second motto is “if I’m wrong I change my mind” and his goal is to make his mark on life, he has done that by the fact that he has two children, he now wants to make sure that when he has gone like a lot of musicians it’s about the music “hey man, it’s my music” it’s what I am man” is pretty much true. The real ones don’t say it they just are it, he has no ego as such, but what he does have with his band is an Album that actually made it to number 6 in the Irish charts, I asked his, “is that you mark” “maybe” “see how the next one does, this one was their for a few days, possibly the next one will stay longer, its great that it happened with only me pushing it, no one else wanted to, they saw no money in it for themselves I guess, they ring me now wanting to push the next one, we’ll see, It was great when the chart people rang me and said I’m just ringing to tell you your album has gone straight in at number 6, congratulations George” The Album is called “there aint nobody here but us chickens”and is available from hmv and Extravision and online every where. Below is the HotPress review, it’s a good read and to he honest it’s a great album, great band
The Roaring Forties
Article by Peter Jenkins


HI OCTANE CORK SWING – JAZZ To coin an often used, hackneyed musical phrase. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” This lot consisting of a motley crew of Cork based Jazz Irish and U.K musicians (including a former Motorhead Roadie) certainly have that swing, in spades, Inspired by the jump / swing era of the 40s (Louis Prima, Louis Jordan etc) and updated to a sound more reminiscent of a style popularised in the early 80s by Joe Jackson and his Jump’n Jive Album, The Roaring Forties blaze through a set of Jazz standards and a couple of originals with equal parts technical chops and sheer joyous enthusiasm. Vocalist George Patterson leads the band through lively and superbly performed versions of familiar numbers such as ‘under my skin’, ‘That old black Magic’ , ‘Lady is a tramp’, Route 66 and the Gorgeous Ray Charles ballad (and favorite of movie directors) ‘You don’t know me’. The playing and arrangements are impeccable, Of the originals. ‘what will be’ is a more contemporary jazz ballad that wouldn’t be out of place on a van Morrison album where the soulful ‘out of sight’ is another worthy tune that should attract a cover version or two. Coming at the end, the most surprising track, ‘Oh marie’ features Jon Kenny (yes, he of D’unbelievables and Father Ted fame) who plays it not quite straighten his own inimitable manner, rounding off this effervescent tenth anniversary celebration of a terrific outfit.


Photograph Courtesy of  Vicky and Frank 2013 .

A popular choice is the all day package which covers everything including your ceremony music, drinks reception and evening show. An after show two hour disco is included  as well as background music during the day and a radio mic for your speeches. All the equipment required to cover your event lighting, sound systems etc are provided and managed by the band.

For weddings we can play additional songs outside our normal parameters of swing and jive to help cater for all tastes, songs from Van Morrisson, The Police, Blues Brothers, Micheal Buble and others.

We have abandoned the break and now like to play the siege of ennis which of course is great fun.

The ceremony is performed by our pianist and either clarinet, saxophone or Trumpet, classical arrangements of religious and/or popular music, we can provide a female singer for this if required

The drinks reception lasts for 1- 2 hours and is again The Duo or trio from the ceremony

The evening show is for up to 2 hours 15 mins where The Band play selected songs from a sample setlist below

CORK JAZZ FESTIVAL 23rd – 27th October

Set list

The way you look tonight
Have I told you lately
My baby just cares for me

Buona sera.
L.o.v. e


Pencil full of lead
big house in the country blurr
Choo choo cha boogie

every body needs some body to love
Soul Man sam & dave
I feel good
sweet soul music

baggy trousers
One step beyond
Special brew

Middle of the road set. (swung)
Crazy little thing called love
Brown eyed Girl.
Every little thing she does is magic

Spanish set.
Quando quango quando
Dont you want me baby Mariachi band style.
la bamba