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George Patterson works hard for a meagre living, he lives the dream, he’s not rich, he gets by, he’s not famous, he feels he is too old for stardom from his own perspective and also when he thinks about how a record company would look at him, but he is well known in his city and he likes that, he’s nice, he’s funny, he’s thoughtful, he has energy, knowledge and likes himself although is always trying to improve, either under his own steam or with help from others, like his soul mates. his motto is never give in, never surrender, his second motto is “if I’m wrong I change my mind” and his goal is to make his mark on life, he has done that by the fact that he has two children, he now wants to make sure that when he has gone like a lot of musicians it’s about the music “hey man, it’s my music” it’s what I am man” is pretty much true. The real ones don’t say it they just are it, he has no ego as such, but what he does have with his band is an Album that actually made it to number 6 in the Irish charts, I asked his, “is that you mark” “maybe” “see how the next one does, this one was their for a few days, possibly the next one will stay longer, its great that it happened with only me pushing it, no one else wanted to, they saw no money in it for themselves I guess, they ring me now wanting to push the next one, we’ll see, It was great when the chart people rang me and said I’m just ringing to tell you your album has gone straight in at number 6, congratulations George” The Album is called “there aint nobody here but us chickens”and is available from hmv and Extravision and online every where. Below is the HotPress review, it’s a good read and to he honest it’s a great album, great band
The Roaring Forties
Article by Peter Jenkins


HI OCTANE CORK SWING – JAZZ To coin an often used, hackneyed musical phrase. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” This lot consisting of a motley crew of Cork based Jazz Irish and U.K musicians (including a former Motorhead Roadie) certainly have that swing, in spades, Inspired by the jump / swing era of the 40s (Louis Prima, Louis Jordan etc) and updated to a sound more reminiscent of a style popularised in the early 80s by Joe Jackson and his Jump’n Jive Album, The Roaring Forties blaze through a set of Jazz standards and a couple of originals with equal parts technical chops and sheer joyous enthusiasm. Vocalist George Patterson leads the band through lively and superbly performed versions of familiar numbers such as ‘under my skin’, ‘That old black Magic’ , ‘Lady is a tramp’, Route 66 and the Gorgeous Ray Charles ballad (and favorite of movie directors) ‘You don’t know me’. The playing and arrangements are impeccable, Of the originals. ‘what will be’ is a more contemporary jazz ballad that wouldn’t be out of place on a van Morrison album where the soulful ‘out of sight’ is another worthy tune that should attract a cover version or two. Coming at the end, the most surprising track, ‘Oh marie’ features Jon Kenny (yes, he of D’unbelievables and Father Ted fame) who plays it not quite straighten his own inimitable manner, rounding off this effervescent tenth anniversary celebration of a terrific outfit.

George Patterson

Singer: The Roaring Forties, father of two and soon to be husband. send him money please, and fight the system that treats you all so meanly


After many requests, George Patterson and Anth Kaleys hit radio show The Big Band Theory is now on line to listen too, every sunday at 11 o’clock sit down with a cup of tea and have a laugh with these two, great music, great banter. tune in

george patterson and the roaring forties new album out feb 2012

George Patterson and the Roaring Forties new album out feb 2012GEORGE PATTERSON & THE ROARING FORTIES NEW ALBUM 2012

The Roaring Forties have been busy producing a new Album, out mid february it promises to open your eyes, its real grown up stuff that will hopefully take thais already superb group to the next level in their already successful career, this band do what they do because they want to make a difference, they don’t do it to make themselves look good. ┬áthere is the difference.

The Album is called “There Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

It has three original songs on it written by George Patterson

It will be available in Shops and on line at itunes and all sister companies.

You can buy it from the roaring forties website