I’m sure once I saw a flying saucer fly over my head one night but I am just not sure enough to say yes I did, they do exist,  I have flown in planes for 45 years and have always looked avidly out of the window for space craft or at least foo fighters that used to buzz aircraft during the second world war or even something that could be misconstrued as a UFO, many planes and airliners have reported ufos, Dan Ackroyd (blues brothers) saw a huge space craft out of a plane window (  but in all my hunting I have never found one and if there is one thing I believe in its finding out for yourself if something is true or not. Now days I see that our governments are pushing to make contact with other planets, why? do they not know it would be a whole planet of aliens, also it will end up that we become the invaders, to me though, it points to our overlords looking for the next war to keep the human race under control, frightened and for the warmongers to get richer and richer, this is probably true, now , all that to one side, ufos may well exist, and probably do, from where they come from I do not know not like ghosts…Now ghosts! I know about ghosts.





if theres nothing more to life than this then there is nothing more to life than hurt, oppression, a bit of happiness, frustration stress and worry, have I paid my taxes.